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We Are Manufacturer Of Food Processing Machine, We Have A Wide Range Of This Plants  Potato Chips Mini Plant , Potato Chips Small Pant , Potato Chips Medium Production Plant  Banana Chips Plant  Namkeen Plant ,  Multipurpose Cutting Machines,  Dry Fruit Cutting Machines For Video Please Visit Our Website: For Any Queries or the Project Please Feel Free To Contact Us For More Detail Please Contact Us as Below: Phone: 9428264944 | E-Mail: | Skype: hkt_india Potato Chips Plant | Potato Slicer Machine | Banana Chips Plant | Banana Slicer Machine | Plantain Chips Making Plant | Namkeen Plant Manufacturer | Farsan Making Machine | Namkeen Extruder Machine | Dry Fruit Cutting Machine |
Hello All, , how its made banana chips? we are p[resenting very simple recipe here , please check the below link for the video
BANANA CHIPS PLANT : HOW TO START BANANA CHIPS PLANT For Manufacturing banana Or Plantain Chips you Need The followings : => Raw Banana or Green banana => Edible Oil, => Black Paper Powder Or Red chilly Powder for flavoring chips Machinery You Required is : => Peeling will be done manually , To Prevent The Raw Material Wastage => Banana Slicer| Banana Cutter| Plantain Slicer Machine => Fryer : Rectangular Fryer | Circular Fryer| Direct Heating Fryer | Inbuilt Heat Ex changer Fryer | Wooden Fryer| Electric Fryer => Coating Pan : Flavoring machine to add the different types of test in the chips => Packing as per your convenience All The above are the prerequisites to make a commercial production of Banana chips or Banana Wafers , you can choose all the above things, as per your location, Test, and mainly your Budget. if you required any further assistance for making banana chips you can contact us as below : phone : 9428264944 E-mail : Skype : hkt_india Video Link :
We Are Manufacturer Of Cheese Shredder Machine: The Machine Will Be Use For Shedding And Grating Of Cheese | Use For Mozzarella Shredding | Soft Cheese Shredding | Cheese Grating | Cheese Shredding Machine | Cheese Shredder | Use: For Catering Business, Hotels & Restaurant, Preparing Pizza And Many More.... Video : If You Required Any Further Assistance For Making Banana Chips You +Can Contact Us As Below : Phone : 9428264944 E-Mail : Hktexports@Gmail.Com Skype : hkt_India
How It’s Made Tutti Fruiti Production: Generally Tutti Fruit Made From Unripe Or Green Papayas, The Process Is Very Easy And Viable.  You Need To Peel Off The Papaya , For That You Need Papaya Peeling Machine Which We Can Provide  And The Other Is Papaya Cube Cutting Machine Which Is Also Provided By Us Video : For More Detail Please Contact Us As Below: | Phone : 9428264944 | E-Mail : | Skype : hkt_india | Papaya Cutting Machine | Tutti Fruit Making Machine | Papaya Peeling Machine | Potato Peeling Machine | Papaya Cube Cutting Machine | Papaya Cube Cutter | पपीता काटने वाला मशीन | papita Cutting machine | papaya cutter | cube making machine |